Our Technology

Phase Change Material

The best way to cool an equipment room is using free air, and but when the outside temperature goes over the required temperature, then use the Phase Chance Material to cool the required load. It’s quite easy to install Phase Change Material with very low energy-costs.

Free Air Cooling

The advantages of free air cooling are clear. Thanks to the use of outside air, there’s no need to cool the hot air. Which saves a lot of energy and money! And thanks to lower energy consumption, free cooling is also the greener, more eco-responsible choice for your equipment rooms.

Displacement Technology

Displacement cooling push outside air to the bottom of the equipment room. This forces the warmer air in the room to move up. This is known as displacement cooling, because the hot air inside the room has been displaced by a cushion of cool air. The hot air will push out via a ventilation grill on the highest possible position.