Onze Partners

Tizzin is proud of its partners


PCM Technology specializes in making and packaging PCM. In their own factory in Ootmarsum they make the technical PCM based on water and Calcium chloride (Salt) that we use in our products.


Address: Koggelsteeg 2, 7631 AH Ootmarsum, Nederland

Phone: +31(0) 541 291 143 

Email: info@pcmtechnology.eu

Web: www.pcmtechnology.eu/nl/

Energy Cool

Energy Cool offers a wide variety of products that have been developed for the use of free air cooling in technical rooms. The products are developed with high quality and modular.


Address: Navervej 10, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark

Phone : +45 70 26 25 29

Email: info@energy-cool.com

Web: www.energy-cool.com/en/