Free Air Cooling


The advantages of free air cooling are clear. Thanks to the use of outside air, there’s no need to cool the hot air. Which saves a lot of energy and money! And thanks to lower energy consumption, free cooling is also the greener, more eco-responsible choice for your equipment rooms.

Regardless of the requirement for indoor temperature, for most of the year it is cold enough for Free Air Cooling to be the right option for most equipment rooms and server rooms. When the outside air is below the required temperature a small part of the hot air will be recirculation to control the lower air temperatures.

Recirculation principle

In many places of the world is not possible for free cooling to maintain the required temperature for a whole year. In such cases, free cooling method is used as many as possible. But the hours that the outside air temperature raise above the required temperature additional cooling is needed. The best way is to use additional Phase Change Material cooling solutions. By the use of Phase Change Material as an additional solution the temperature of your equipment rooms will maintain within the temperature range according the ASHRAE TC9.9, ANSI/BICSI 002-2014 and SCTE-184-2015.

An international study by one of our customer shows that the type of cooling (free air or DX) did not result in significant differences of the total corrosion rates. The study was carried out according to ANSI / ISA 71.04-2013. ISA Standard 71.04-2013-1.

Case Studies: