We offer the possibility to cool your street cabinets in an environmentally sustainable way during the hot days by using COOL BRICKS. The COOL BRICK can be applied very easily without modifications to the street cabinet.
The phase change material (PCM) that we use to cool the street cabinets is placed in containers that can be placed inside or outside of the street cabinet. The PCM is based on inorganic salts, non-combustible and is non-toxic
Heat storage in Phase Change Material (PCM) can best be compared to an electric battery or better a "thermal battery". The battery absorb heat from the sun and equipment (during the day) and discharged this this stored energy in a later stadium (during the night).

  • Cooling without active components
  • No adjustments to the cabinet required
  • Very easy to apply inside and outside on the street cabinet
  • Long service life> 30 years
  • No maintenance